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  1. Eche Attah

    Please I need any message of the “Angels of God”. Thanks a lot for my considerations

  2. Newton Ochari Menyenya

    Thanks so much for the articles. Am really blessed. They have really helped me shape refocuss and examine my Christian walk. Thanks so much.
    I also needed to inquire if there is a sermon by Apostle Arome on the reason for the suffering of Job.

  3. Emmanuel Konlan

    Am blessed by Apostles messages
    From the first day I heard apostle’s voice a day hardly pass without me listening to his teachings.
    Really a blessing to me and my generation.
    God gave gifts to men and again men to men

    Apostle is a gift to our generation and generations yet unborn

  4. Ofere David

    Please I need that message titled, “Warfare of the mind” by Apostle Arome Osayi.

  5. Akinwumi sesan

    More fresh anoint fronds one source of grace. I need some of your world and spiritual growth tutor sir

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