The Voice of One Radio Broadcast Archive

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  1. Marriage- Apostle Arome Osayi(7MB)
  1. God is Spirit
  2. Existential Knowledge of God 2
  3. Existential Knowledge of God
  4. The dealings of God
  5. Staying power in prayer
  6. The Dealings of God
  7. The Spiritual Man
  8. Demands of the Kingdom
  9. Knowing of Revelation
  10. Revelation & Wisdom
  11. The Cross
  12. Stature with God
  13. Priests Before God 2
  14. Priests Before God
  15. The throne
  16. The kingdom of throne
  17. Understanding the unseen realm
  18. Overcoming Depravity
  19. Spiritual Authority
  20. Jesus the pattern
  21. God’s Kingdom People
  22. Headship in marriage
  23. A spiritual memorial
  24. God’s Liberty
  25. When the gods default
  26. Spirit of insight and revelation
  27. Test Every Spirit
  28. Kingdom Priority
  29. Principles of the Kingdom 1
  30. Principles of the Kingdom 2
  31. Baptisms
  32. The True Light
  33. Spiritual Authority
  34. Laying aside weights 1
  35. Laying aside weights 2
  36. Coinhering with Christ 1
  37. Coinhering with Christ 2
  38. Coinhering with Christ 3
  39. Walking in the Spirit 1
  40. Walking in the Spirit 2
  41. Walking in the Spirit 3
  42. Pathway to Holiness 1
  43. Pathway to Holiness 2
  44. Pathway to Holiness 3
  45. The Ecclesia: The true Church 1
  46. The Effect of the Church 1
  47. The effect of the Church 2
  48. The Ecclesia: The true Church 2
  49. Make straight path
  50. Fellowship with God 1
  51. Fellowship with God 2
  52. Fellowship with God 3
  53. Speak to the rock
  54. Spiritual power 1
  55. Spiritual power 2
  56. Overcoming the law of death
  57. Tapping into God’s Blessings









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33 thoughts on “The Voice of One Radio Broadcast Archive

  1. I’m very grateful for this sermons. It is speedily building my christian life with God. The only thing i think you guys should work on it the length of the sermons its short. I pray the anointing on the the man of God never runs dry Thank you very much Sir.

  2. I’m very grateful sir, to you and your team.
    I have seen you once at the NCCF National Conference 2016. But before then you have been a blessing to me and my zone. Twice have you appeared in my dreams. To anoint me and the other to direct me.
    Thank you. Daddy Apostle.

    1. This is my new wife, and the pictures are AMAZING! I cou1dn&#82l7;t have asked for a better gift and I am proud to say she is mine! Great job on the photos and thank you so much!

  3. Let work on the site to include the ability to search for a specific sermon. So anyone can search for a specific sermon and find it.
    God bless this team.

      1. I don't like it because it didn't include the screen size button where you make the video screen a bit smaller for better video viewing. You can put all the videos in that design, but I recommend that you add the small screen button in it.

  4. Thanks for these wonderful messages. God bless you real good.
    Please is there any message from Apostle that deals with “humility”?
    I’d really love to have it…Thanks in anticipation.

  5. I must confess that it is through accurate and verifiable truths like this that aligns us and builds up the inner man. I have walked and grown under this grace. May the Most Blessed God Almighty, the All-Father, continue to strengthen this ministry especially HIS servant, Apostle Arome Osayi. These messages build spiritual capacity and I commend them. Please keep them coming, especially the messages from “the Convergence”.

    And how can I lay hold of his books.

    Thank you so much.

  6. God bless his church. Pls I also suggest that the messages should be extended and not shortened. I would want the message for pathway to holiness part 4 if it exists. God bless the team and uphold his Apostle in Jesus name.

  7. Thank you Apostle Arome Osayi. Man like you sir are very needful in our generation. May the good Lord increase you Sir. Your teaching have been a blessing to my life.

  8. Please, how can we get these messages in full? Sincerely, they have been blessings to me, but they are too short . God bless the Ministry

  9. Wonderful and powerful msgs from the anointed man of God. May God increase your oil and fire ???? in Jesus name!

  10. Sir, am sincerely grateful for the grace of God upon your life… that has impacted me massively… am forever greatful…
    May you continue to grow in grace..
    and may God’s mercies continually be with you. amen.
    am happy!

  11. Sir, am sincerely grateful for the grace of God upon your life… that has impacted me massively… am forever greatful…
    May you continue to grow in grace..
    and may God’s mercies continually be with you. amen.
    am happy!

  12. thank you so much for the opportunity to have these messages. but it will be better if you please upload the complete sermon… I need the other part of the spirit of revelation and wisdom.

  13. Good day sir.
    I’ve been looking for this sermon by Apostle Aromeh Osayi speaking about what will you do with the Holy Ghost. I’ve tried my best to get it. I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me a link to download it. God bless you as you help share the Gospel of truth.

  14. thanks so much for the messages. please the music in the beginning of the radio program, what is the title of the music and the artist. does pathway to holiness have part 4. thanks in anticipation

  15. God bless you for this messages. I appreciate and celebrate the wisdom in Apostle Arome. You are indeed a blessing

  16. Please I need to be added to any whatsapp group link where apostle teaching, sermons and all other spiritual activities are emphasized please. My whatsapp number is +2349038996942

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