The Doctrine of Grace (July 2017)






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23 thoughts on “The Doctrine of Grace (July 2017)

  1. Thanks, please what about the relationship meeting, is it ready…..this message would deliver millions…..more grace papa…

    1. Good morning sir…. Please have you been able to
      download the messages? Cus I’ve been trying to download but it’s not responding.

  2. Man of God, I bless God for your life sir. I will like to download the sermon. It is only playing and not downloading.

  3. We all from Imo State University, have been expecting the Message “Doctrinal Grace”. I sincerely thank my God.

  4. I want bless God for a seasoned message that rightly confronted the error of grace preacher. I am blessed by these messages. I am just getting to know you sir my the unction and manifestations of the living word in your mouth. More grace sir.

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