Spiritual Warfare- August 2018

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24 thoughts on “Spiritual Warfare- August 2018

  1. Good evening. Please, the message on spiritual warfare – dreams is currently unavailable for download. Please, I’d like the link to gain access to the teaching. Thanks in anticipation.

    1. Please if the message Spiritual Warfare – Dreams Can be emailed to me, since it’s not available I would greatly appreciate it, Thank you and you are all doing a great job God strengthen you all

  2. Good morning,
    Please, kindly make the ‘Spiritual Warfare – Dreams’ available. I tried opening it and says the page isn’t found.

    Thank you.

  3. Good evening RCN,plz how do I get to arrange d sermons by apostle because they weren’t numbered…plz I really need help I don’t knw d first or second 1,Tnx u

  4. Daddy, honestly you have been a blessing to my life a blessing to the generation entirely. I am so much bless each time I heard your message, I don’t mind buying data almost everyday just downloading your messages, despite the fact that I am a students almost the first final year graduate of my family. Daddy more grace sir, i love you so much. Please sir I want you to mentor me

  5. Am deeply grateful and highly privileged to have your sermons and it has been a big blessing to me and is still blessing me cos I know the fountain from whence you draw from can never run dry. Listening to your sermons, opened my eyes and understanding to so many spiritual truths I never knew existed. I believe I have found my Spiritual Tribe. May God Almighty keep keeping u for this generation. Bless you sir.

    1. Only God can reward you Sir. I being blessed by your messages. Can’t download the message on dreams, I need help please. Many thanks.

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