School of Prophets II

  1. Territorial Priesthood
  2. God territorial messengers
  3. Understanding Territory

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24 thoughts on “School of Prophets II

  1. Apostle have been my father and I son though we never see each other but one day we will.I love RNC,Apostle,Brethren and above all Christ Jesus.Love all Amen.Stay with the Lord.

  2. Apostle have been a blessing for me, is like he is just sent for me alone,love you sir and all Rcn at large. one day I Will visit

  3. sir I ur support help in my life is just upside down now am confused sir pls I need ur help, I dnt just not OK sir.

  4. Daddy Arome gives an insight to the scriptures; one I’ve scarcely heard! I often replay messages over 15 times before getting new‚Äčones and I just see new things. If I’ve grown in the any spiritual gift, Daddy plays a key role.
    God bless you Sir. I’d definitely visit.
    Your son from afar…

  5. Apostle Sir, the Faithful Lord has wrought revelation to me through your fatherly and spiritual counsels to His church. May He enlarge your territory and keep you safe unto His coming, Amen. Love you all, the RCN Family.

  6. By the mercies of God, I encountered the great Apostle and ever since then my life has been better for it. Thank you all at RCN for making these messages available for us to download. More of Gods grace in Jesus name.

  7. I am trying to download the school of the prophet (Territorial priest hood,understanding territory and God territory messengers) it not downloading…
    really need it…

  8. Apostle Arome has been a blessing to me, God has used him multiple times to speak and reveal things to me, I just discovered my boldness and speech is almost sounding like his whenever I speak and pray. No doubt he is my spiritual father from afar. The grace of our precious, wonderful and glorious LORD JESUS be with you sir.

  9. I was confused and almost giving up on my call until God through a friend introduced me to Apostle Aroma Osayi messages, ever since I started listening to this Oracle of Jehovah, I have no more doubts or confusions.
    I have been moving from glory to glory.
    Remain blessed sir. I love you and pray i meet you someday.

  10. the first day i listen to Apostle message on the blood moon even my hungry for God has change to another level. my Christian life change.
    apostle is one of the Sons that God sent to our generation.

  11. my name is Oriabure Ezekiel;
    I must confess that ever since a friend introduced me to Apostle Arome’s messages,something unexpainable has happened to me spiritually.Ranging from series of impartation,revelational gifts,power dimension and many more.
    sir,i dare to call you ‘father’.

  12. The messages preached by God’s Servant Apostle Arome Osayi are seasoned.. Sir, your love for the body of Christ is overwhelming, your burden for the gospel of Jesus Christ is contagious, your sense of urgency has keep some of us on our feet.. God has used this ministry to reshape my life… God bless you sir

  13. I am blessed as I listen to your massage over the night, I saw the fire of God that look like a man moving among the people as Apostle Arome was shouting:fire is moving in this place

  14. The sons of PAPA from afar are more than those in Nigeria.
    I thank God for such a man on Earth. HE IS MY SPIRITUAL FATHER!

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