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RCN sermons starting with S, T, or U Seek The Presence  Seek The Righteousness of the Kingdom Sensing In The Human Spirit Sons Source of Supernatural Power Spirit City Spirit Investment Spirit of Adoption Spiritual Facts Spiritual Maturity Spiritual Things Spiritual Tribe Strange Specie of People Structures for Authoritative Prayer Tapping Into The Blessing Ten Steps Ahead of the Devil Territorial Responsibility Test Every Spirit  The Alpha Omega The Army The Baptizer and The Interpreter The Blood of Jesus The Burden Of A Custodian The Call of a Custodian The Charge The City of God The Content of the Apostles’ Doctrine The Convergence  The Custodian The Day of God The Doctrine of the Apostles Doctrine The Ekklesia The Embassy of God The Experience of God The Father The Flow of Life The Gift of Discernment of Spirit The Gift of Prophecy The Gospel of the Kingdom of God The Guardians The Guardians – Change of Guard The Immortal Realm The Knowing Of Revelation The Leadings of God The Living Epistles The Manifestations of the Spirit of Divination The Name of Jesus The Natural Man The Path of Life The Pathway of Sons The Place The Place of Encounter The Place of God The Posture of a Believer The Power To Get Wealth The Prayer Ministry of the Church (Harmonious Will) The Prayer Ministry of the Church (The Place of God) The Prayer Ministry of the Church (Unity in Prayer) The Priestly Ministry The Promise of God The Revelation of Jesus The Righteous Nation The rise of the remnant- Apostle Arome Osayi The River The Second Dose of Bread The Significance of Speaking in Tongues The Significance of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus The Spirit of Truth The Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation The Teaching Priest The Throne The True Light The Unveiling ( Characteristics of The Prophetic Operation) The Voice of God The Wailing Women The Way Maker’s Anointing The World System The Zealous Ones There Is A Path Thy Latter End Shall Greatly Increase Times of Refreshing True Doctrine True Doctrine – Can You Stand The Truth? True Light  True Light (Child Dedication) Understanding Grace Understanding The Way of The Spirit Unity in Prayer Utterances of the Beast  

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  1. Lucky Umoh

    Wow ! I can now travel on the pathway to spiritual progress having downloaded some of the needed materials towards understanding the current move of God. Before now, a friend was transferring files of Apostle Arome to me but now I can do it at will having gotten the website myself. Thanks to everyone working out this great work.

  2. Tuffour Francis

    I am blessed having access this priceless platform,
    I say may the Good Lord bless Apostle Arome Osayi

  3. Nwachukwu Emmanuel Benedict

    Please I’m in need of a message “Seasons and Timings” by Apostle Arome Osayi.
    Thank you

  4. matanmi samuel

    Recentlly i felt the need to go back to the rcn messages i have heard before…….. this is so helpful God bless you all

  5. Oluwapelumi LELOH

    Greetings admin.

    I seek to download a particular message titled “they are coming, men of stature”. It’s a 68 minutes message. It’s one of the RCN CLASSICS.

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