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14 thoughts on “Recently uploaded Sermons

  1. I thank THE LORD for bringing this ministry my way and for raising this Apostolic ministry in a time like this.May THE LORD continue to bless this ministry in JESUS NAME.I have tried to download the newly uploaded messages but only some of them downloaded into my device.when i used u.c browser to download the sermon, i noticed that the sermons that has larger mega byte(mb) above 30 did not download(saying the mb is too large for google drive).when I tried to use opera mini browser it totally refused to download.please help me out .thank you.

  2. Thank you very much… I can’t appreciate you enough, may the Lord God Almighty bless you and keep you sir, my mentor Apostle Arome Osayi…

  3. My heart is made glad anytime i find God’s word here…i pray God will continue to bless and reward everyone and everything at Remnant Christian Network. Thank You Sir (Apostle Arome).

  4. I’ve been tremendously blessed listening to these messages. The quality of rhema in this messages is unprecedented. My spirit has come alike as I’ve been fed on this. God will continue to bless and expanciate this ministry. Thanks for availing yourself for the Masters use.

  5. I so much thank God for incubating and using a man whose teaching is so deep and teaches from a direct experience of his personal life, I thank God for daddy apostle arome for being one of the Nigerian spirititual agent of transformation that God have being using to sharping my personal life. May God continue to bless you sir.
    I have being so much blessed by your messages and I am looking for a way of attending your meeting and programme when comes up.
    Please how do I get updated when programme comes up?

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