RCNClasics 2 (12 Sermons)

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13 thoughts on “RCNClasics 2 (12 Sermons)

  1. Sir, you are indeed a gift to this generation, a blessing to the entire human race. Through your inspired messages, you’ve raised sons in Kogi State University. May God uplift you more and more in Jesus name (amen).

    1. edivaldo reis disse:fui casado com a rosaura, filha do “seu” arthur, e se ele foi brilhante como poeta, como sogro foi fantástico…sou fã de sua poesia, de seus versos, como por exemplo, perguntas ao papai noel: papai noel, onde estais? onde estais papai noel? onde estais que não me escuta? onde estais? onde estais que não me escuta? onde estais papai noel? Saudades eternas do “seu” arthur…

    2. What if it was not Bustamante that made the quote. I was at the debate and was actually standing about two feet away from him when I heard this… It was NOT him. I would like you to know that I am a Karen supporter and even when talking to the other candidates, remain decorous. And about Karen being rude, she is one of the farthest things from it. If you have seen anything negative sent out from her, it has been to protect herself from Ozzie’s “smear” campaign.

  2. Your teachings sir has help my spiritual life and my friends to come to the knowledge of truth of Gods word and bringing me to a place of consistency with God.I appreciate gift of God in your life and may the Lord almighty increase more insight and revelation to you.

  3. Though I do not have access to u physically, but the inspired words have been a great deal of blessing to me. You are indeed a man of God with substance and walk. Which I long for as the Lord liveth. I restricted myself solely to ur messages for 6months as the Lord directed me and God did great wonders in my spiritual life. More of His Grace in Jesus name.

  4. God bless you sir for making your self available to be use by God to teach us these eternal knowlegde of the mysteries of God and his Kingdom. Every message from you is a blessing to my life . GOD BLESS YOU

    1. thanks for your post lisa–i'm kind of in that, "ack! do i take the self-pub plunge or not?!?" place myself. it's scary and i hate to 'give up'…i know it's just another avenue, but can't help that feeling of conceding.my question for you is, will you ever pursue traditional publishing again? why/why not?

  5. Apostle Sir, u have turned my life 366 degrees. I love and respect u so much Sir and I’ve been looking for ur number and by God’s grace I’ll see u face to face Sir. U are changing and touching lives Sir I’ve taken upon myself to pray for u with so much tears of joy in my heart Sir. May God bless u for me and u will never fail Sir. Thank u so much and know that u have many people who are praying for u and I’m number one on the list. God bless u. Bountifully. Please. How can I get Apostle’s number please?

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