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RCN Sermons starting with P, Q, or R Pathway To Holiness Persistent Prayer Potential Power Prayer Against Terrorism and National Repentance Prayer Against Witchcraft Prayer and Ministration Prayer and Pragmatic Approach To Battles Prayer Work of the Church Prerequisite for Sonship Principles of Biblical Interpretations Profiting By The Word of God Prophetic Inspiration Prophetic Prayer Education Prophetic Signs and Seasons Pure Fountain Q&A on Intercession Realities In The Spirit, Beyond the Mind Reality of the Spirit of Truth Rebuilding The Walls Redigging The Wells of our Fathers Repent! Revealed Knowledge of God Revelational Clarity Revelational Gifts – Antidotes to Witchcraft

  1. Emmanuel Archibong

    Please I need messages that can help me grow spiritually. I have always longed to know God experientially, and I feel bad anytime I hear people say “God told me …. ” . Please help me out I want to know God for myself also. I have most of Apostles messages but I want messages about growth and basics. Please I really what to have fellowship with God and hear from him myself, help me out.

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