May 2014 – The Basics of Christianity III

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7 thoughts on “May 2014 – The Basics of Christianity III

  1. Dear Apostle Arome.
    I thank God for you zeal and how God has used your messages to bless me. I am following Christ and have you as an example. Your messages pointed me back to back to the God dealings are not strange bc it’s not exclusive to me, i was not getting something unusual. Please continue, you are guiding us, not only your immediate flok.
    God bless You

  2. I bless God for your zeal n passion for the body of Christ to come to the true knowledge Christ Jesus. Pls continue for ur msgs are navigation key to my life. via our msgs I kip on discovering myself from day to day. pls b careful bcos u leadin a company of young apostle who re lookin up to you. bcos a leader sin is a leading sin. Tanx n God bless u n multiply your GRACE.

    1. Couldn’t be stated more accurate and true. Abuser, and the one who takes a “malicious stand” to ruin the other, has usually won! Leaving situations that one has to deal with and an unsurmountable tasks to get your head above water! AGREED, the litigants, complicate, overuse the courtsystem in attempts to confuse EVERYONE! Wrong Wrong Wrong! This is not about justice and the judges follow the money!

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