March 2018- Spirit of Life

  1. Spirit of life
  2. The economy of gifts
  3. Spiritual name
  4. Vexing them in His sore displeasure

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16 thoughts on “March 2018- Spirit of Life

  1. It’s be a great priveledge been part of the souls you’re touching with your raw words of the Lord Jesus Christ and the salvation of men as God continue to use you to builds reseliance Men for the end time crusade of soul winning to God kingdom. More grace Sir. Shalom

  2. Apostle sir, it will be nice to have you come to Ife. You have been such a tremendous blessing to me ever since I came in contact with your message in Dec. 2017 and I have since downloaded and listen to your messages again and again. Your leading this generation to the faith of the bible different from “other gospels” popular on many pulpit

  3. Am am so delighted sir,for being a part of this generation that you have been affecting through the apostolic call over your life…your self denial and proper alignment to perceiving spiritual realities has restored hope to my generation leaving this truth that a man that sincerely searches for God will definitely find him….i’ve been so blessed and touched by your teachings,infact i dowbloaded almost all your sermons from a fellow brother and they are realy blessing me…thank u so so much….an i appreciate u so so much RCM media crew…

  4. Papa God bless you and keep you for us.
    Would have been a baby Christian for life ic nt for the fact that I encountered your messages and also encountered you when you came to Abia state university.

  5. Papa, may the great monarch of Zion bless and keep you. Really have been blessed. Got to know RCN through a brother. Then I went ahead to download messages. After listening to some, I ventured into knowing more about RCN, join RCN Lagos and really from early thus year I joined, my life has really transformed tremendously. God bless you sir.

  6. Having to encounter words through you in University of Calabar was one life changing experience for some of us and it has kept going.
    This medium has been helpful to keep us refreshed. Looking forward more time under your ministrations. God bless and strengthen you Sir.

  7. Sir, I have been listening to your messages often and on. They are filled with life and power. May the Lord keep increasing and prosper you. More grace.

  8. am richly blessed by yr messages sir…..what will you do with the holy ghost,place of enlargement,living stone,diversities of ministries,spiritual senses etc have all blessed me in several ways…God increase you in knowledge sir.

  9. Apostle Arome Osayi, am speaking from Ghana. I am really touched by your messages. I really need the Holy Spirit, but don’t know how

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