2020 sermons

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May 2020 – School Of The Spirit

May 2020 – School of Ministry (Believers Ministry)

May 2020 – School of Ministry (Spiritual Gifts)

April 2020 – End Time Reality Series

April 2020 – Faith Series

April 2020 – The Apostolic Model

April 2020 – The Power of Prayer

April 2020 – The Tools Of Faith

March 2020 – Demons And How To Handle Them II

March 2020 – Teachings On Supplication

February 2020 – Demons And How To Handle Them

January 2020 – Prophetic Verses

30 Responses

  1. Serenity

    Please how do i get sermons on the spiritual names of cities? I have SPIRIT CITY and FOUNDATIONS

  2. Adaji Gideon

    I have never liked audio sermons not until I came across spiritual tribe by Apostle Arome and since then I have continued to follow this ministry and my life have been so blessed, More grace sir…

  3. David Edodi

    I believe only heaven can measure your impact in my life. I believe someday I will have the privilege from God to learn from you even in a more closer proximity.

  4. Sule Monday Johnson

    Daddy God richly bless and increase you and your co-laborers. Amen.

  5. Solomon

    I follow a few preachers and I have been over the years, I have never seen any preacher with this level of knowledge. Apostle is one of the best if not the best in the world.

  6. Frimpong Isaac

    May God bless you Apostle, I am a student in Ghana.I am really really blessed encountering you in my life
    God bless your son Apostle Mike Oropko as well, He has really caused a change in my christian life through the grace of God at work in him.

  7. Beloved Innocent

    I have so blessed, sincerely God increase you on every side both Apostle Arome and rcnsermons.
    Please can there be new uploads both here or on telegram

  8. Oyeniyi adedoyin

    Good morning. Pls in the end time sermon series. Although I’ve listened to all . Apostle spoke about a teaching he was going to do on 2thess2:7 but I haven’t heard him talk about it again. Pls I want to know if he still spoke about it or he didn’t. Thank you

  9. Victor

    I’ve been arrested by God through the sermons, I subscribed 16Gb data to enjoy the social media in this lockdown only for God to take over it, I have downloaded over 150sermons of Apostle Arome Osayi and been listening to it day and night with everyday fasting and praying, I seem not to be able to stop, I consume it like food… I can’t explain what’s going on and I can feel some infilling. God bless the Apostle and the ministry. All glory to God

  10. Glory owhonda

    Apostle i love you..
    By His wisdom continue to know the King

  11. Chongmobmi Markus

    I have found a mentor in you sir, I have been following your messages from last year onward with keen attention. The Lord has repositioned my mind through your teachings and am grateful to have discovered you in this life time. May the Lord bless and increase sir.

  12. Engr. Ekesi Nonso

    The most powerful presence carrier I have met..His audio sermons transports you to a spiritual place where you can literally feel him in the room..

  13. Stephenisaac

    I am always blessed by the message of Daddy, it has catapult me to another stage of spiritual growth shifting my mindset to a more real fact, God bless you daddy

  14. Dami

    Thanks for beign a blessing to us Media Team pls when will the May messages be uploaded.

  15. James

    You guys are doing a great work uploading the messages here for us to have access… I can’t wait for the rest of the messages…

  16. Victor

    God bless Apostle Arome Osayi, God bless the media for all the efforts, God bless Remnant Christian Network, God bless Nigeria.

  17. Funbi

    I’m indeed blessed to have encountered this ministry. God’s blessings always.


    When I stumbled at Apostle’s messages, I just knew that I belong to this tribe. I mean how can one literally cannot unstop weeping at audios even without seeing the speaker at all? I believe that Apostle is a package of the Spirits of holy men sent as a gift to this generation. We are praying for you sir.

  19. Paul Isaiah

    Sincerely speaking, I don’t know where I would have been without Apostle Arome osayi’s audio teachings. Hopefully I will meet you one day. Thank you sir for what you do. Always praying for you

  20. Innocent Caleb

    God bless the media team for their effort in making this available.
    May God continue to enrich you all as well bless His servant Apst. Arome Osayi

  21. @Divine Rafela

    I am really blessed by these messages. God continue to bless and increase your anointing in Jesus name. Amen

  22. Emmanuel

    Indeed i have been bless in no small ways by these messages. Thanks media unit for making this available

    More Grace Daddy Arome

  23. Wisdom Osakz

    i know say if i fit follow dis Man d way him dey follow Christ so ehn, we go gather reach this Zion las las!

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