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4 thoughts on “JUNE 2013 – (ASSEMBLIES OF GOD)

  1. Thanks for coming back online, your messages have been a blessing to me and my family. Hoping to attend one of your meetings if you could send me details on them.
    God bless you richly

  2. I and my husband have listened to your messages day and night since sept 2015. Hmm…far away from makurdi, it’s like we’re in ur meetings. our lives have been transformed and is aligning to God’s will. Although we are yet to understand the full scope of some truths we heard from you, we have chosen to follow you as you follow God..Thanks for staying online

  3. Sir i really need your discipleship on personal build-up, if you remembered we met at federal university of technology; Minna. that was around February, 2016. please sir i really need your number for us to discuss.

  4. Just found these messages 3 days ago. It is like being “born-again” afresh . May the Almighty God keep you and preserve your ministry spotless in Jesus name

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