January 2018

  1. Why Nigeria is crucial(Revival)
  2. The rise of false teachers
  3. Seeking out spiritual things
  4. Prayer and ministrations
  5. The great salvation

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8 thoughts on “January 2018

  1. My life and understanding of God has changed greatly this is exactly what I have been asking God for some years I’m grateful for this timely intervention of God on my life and may God keep his servant ever strong in Jesus name

  2. God bless my dear apostle and teacher… Ur graceful insight and deft scriptural teachings has brought me so much blessings and assistance…..Thank u, Sir

  3. May God Almighty continue to give
    u more wisdom and knowledge of His word. u are a blessing to ur generation n my life sir.

  4. These are thought-provoking, wonderful messages. Please, in which message is “Why Nigeria is crucial” continued?

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