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  1. Perez

    Wow Papa Arome thank you for setting this up. I will download all. I am perez from CAMEROON but I live in USA. Love u sir

  2. OluwaFeranmi O. Falade

    Some messages were repeated twice…
    Also this arrangement of ABC, will affect the message chronologically as it was presented.
    Because Apostle do teach in series.

  3. Patricia Ludiha

    Hello! Is it possible for me to have the continuation of “Garment of glory” message? It seems to have been cut off towards the end.
    Thank you and God bless you

  4. J.ojugo

    Please, What is the address of the church? What time ?
    Tears is over, Joy is here!

  5. Ngozi

    Heart Check is such a beautiful message. Everyone needs to listen to it

  6. Ngozi

    Please I don’t know how to reach the ministry. But I would like a teaching on the difference between praying in tongues and praying in the spirirt

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