February 2018- Basic Prayer Skills

  1. Life after the fall
  2. The power of prayer
  3. The price of prayer investment

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12 thoughts on “February 2018- Basic Prayer Skills

  1. I cannot just thanking God for grace on this ministry, all i pray is that God will continue to uphold YOU and the man of God (Apostle Arome Osayi) for giving out yourself for the spiritual growth of others.

  2. Since came in contact with this ministry and the man of through the messages on this platform my life have not remain the same… Glory to God and more grace to u all and Apostle

  3. Am just so blessed and getting blessed every time through this giant of the Lord. Indeed an ambassador of Christ. My spirit is so in unity with him. Love his spirit so dearly.

  4. From the very first day i heard the Word through this ministry i knew we were of kindred spirit. Thank God for apostle Arome Osayi.
    May God continue to uphold you for us.


  5. The name of the Lord be blessed. My prayer life is beginning to come alive as i listened to the messages by the servant of God.
    Pls sir can the audio of : ” until the Spirit be poured ” be posted?

  6. Apostles life and ministry has blessed me beyound all measures theres a kind of light and and that fills my life afresh anytime I listen to apostles message that i can hardly go through a day without it your Rising sir has really brought alot of revelation and light to many ant the entire body of christ may God continue to bless and strengthen you sir Amen.

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