Feb 2014 – The Basics of Christianity II

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9 thoughts on “Feb 2014 – The Basics of Christianity II

  1. I love the organization on this website. The process of downloading is very easy. God will definitely increase the RCN to the height only him can take a ministry. Definitely increase & protect his minister. (Apst. Arome Osayi) along side other ministers of the gospel on the ministry. Thanks.

  2. This site has been a blessing to me. May God continue to bless and increase you as HE uses this sight to handle doctrinal issues

  3. You have been a blessing to me sir Apostle Arome. Wish I could be discipled to be who God wants me to be. More grace sir

  4. I’d love to fellowship with you just once. I have searched for you for many years, seeing you will go a long way to filling up this vacuum.

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