Deliverance Ministry of Jesus (6 Sermons)

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6 thoughts on “Deliverance Ministry of Jesus (6 Sermons)

  1. I am a member of the Deeper Life Bible Church and I’ve so much been SPIRITUALLY ENLIGHTENED & SOUL LIFTED through the Ministering of Apostle Arome as introduced to me by a fellow staff.
    I may not see you physically but I know by God’s mercy we’ll surely meet in Heaven.
    God’s Anointing keeps Flowing in your Ministry Sir and remain Rapturable.
    Shalom Sir!

  2. On ” A Time for Destiny
    I found these Sermons through a dear friend and I am truly grateful to him. I especially appreciate the grace of God upon His servant Arome Osayi, I have been blessed richly. I will always always visit this site because I think I have found my tribe. May God almighty richly increase His grace upon His servant.

  3. God bless Apostle Arome and his very wonderful team for allowing God use them to get to people like me. I am so grateful.
    However, i downloaded source of supernatural power and i noticed it wasn’t complete. It ran for about 40 minutes and stopped. I would really appreciate it if we can get the full message. God bless you Admin.

  4. I have been to many churches and listened to many teachings but when I met Apostle AROME Osayi I knew I got what I have been looking for. God bless you sir. I have enrolled as one of your disciples and attend your meetings now sometimes. I have almost all your messages. Thank you sir

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