August 2014 – The Keys of the Kingdom

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8 thoughts on “August 2014 – The Keys of the Kingdom

  1. Am grateful and thankful for this messages, God bless and reward this ministry in Jesus’ name….. Thank you.

  2. sir, i had been passing true difficulties in downloading message from this website, this have being occurring over a month now . i will be glad if lasting solution would be provided

  3. Man of God, these messages are very inspiring and helpful to my very soul. I’m truely blessed sir. God bless you and your household.

  4. In his work The Next 100 Years, Stratfor's G Friedman posited that Mexico will be the USA's principal antagonist in the second half of this century as a result of (a) the Mexican-American population in the former Mexican territory identifying much more strongly with Mexico than with the USA, (b) the cultural dominance of Mexico in these areas, and (c) Mexican-American politicians holding political positions in both Mexico and the USA. It seems plausible.

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