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RCN sermons starting with A, B or C
Christian Prayer Ministry A Living Stone A Strange Specie of People Accessing Spiritual Food Accurate Apostolic Community Add Life To My Days Aligning The Feminine Potential Apostolic grace Apostolic Ministry Apostolic Ministry Ascended Reality of a Believer Ascended Reality of a Believer Balanced Spiritual Life Balanced Spiritual life Balancing Grace Balancing Grace – Enabled Balancing Grace – Part 2 Balancing Grace – Part 1 Basic Prayer Lessons Basic Prayer Lessons – Heart Check Basic Teachings on Holiness Basic Teachings on Holiness Blacksmiths Needed Blacksmiths Needed Building Spiritual Capacity Building Spiritual Capacity Called Unto Glory Called Unto Glory Certain of the Church Certain of the Church Characteristics of the Prophetic Operation Christ – The Hope of Glory Christ The Hope of Glor Colonial Masters Colonial Masters Continuing In The Doctrine Continuing In The Doctrine Corporate Alignment Corporate Alignment Cry – The Days of Noah

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  1. Clement

    Thanks for the good work, may the good Lord reward all you selfless services. That being said, I would like to suggest that the messages should also be categorised based on the dates, the means there will be alphabetical arrangement and arrangement by dates.
    This will enable us surf and get what we want without stress.

    Thanks again.

    • HcZAfDDeWz

      Thank you. Kindly use the link at the menu to select sermons according to date

  2. Enebong Ephraim

    Hello, I’ll like to commend the media team for this upgrade, its really nice.

    I will like to suggest that the messages be arranged in order of events and years(like it was before).

    I have been visiting this site for the past 5years (regularly), I had almost all the messages on this site on my device but I lost them. I’m saying this so it will be obvious that know what I mean.

    There are days I come here and I want to download all the messages of SPIRITUAL awakening Of 2018 in BSU and other campuses or I may want to go for the messages of contact October 2014.

    But can’t do so.

    (For instance this morning I came to get the messages of Spiritual Awakening because the site was not loading yesterday but I can’t do so, I have to search for them – and I can’t remember all the titles)

    Great job from the media team you guys are awesome.

    Thank you.

  3. Superior

    God bless the person that took out time to do this
    I pray that God gives you the grace to do even more better
    And bless your life as well

  4. Godwin Ezekiel

    Wonderful work by the programmers. please I’m trying to search for the message preach 30th Saturday morning June 2012

  5. Joy Fisher

    May the Almighty God bless and increase you all in Jesus name. Please can I get the “Liberation of the Lioness” sermon, please. I saw the 10 minutes on youtube. Please.

  6. Pst. Justine J. Hananiya

    May God continue to bless your ministry for well done job.

  7. Paula Olunuga-Biney

    Divine Greetings,

    I heard Apostle Arome for the first time when he came to London last week (13.03.2020). All I can say is WOW! Truly God is raising up an Army of latter day Generals. God bless you M.O.G. more anointing In the Name of Jesus Christ

  8. samuel

    Please am trying to download “Darkened counsel”…it is not downloading… This message illuminated me during my Nysc God…I want to download d message again sir….More Grace to RCN family of which I form a part…coz Apostle is my mentor….God bless him more and Empowers him


    God God God bless you

    The voice of this Ministry will never be Silent

  10. Adeleye Joshua

    This is my first time of hearing the Apostle’so message and I found it so inspiring. My daughter recommended it. Continue the good work and the Lord will continue to enable you.

  11. Chinonso Nwachukwu

    Am always redirected to use the app “mega” and i have downloaded the app. and have done the registration… yet the app is not respondiog.. and am having issues downloaging because of the redirection from tie site to use the app. what do i do please?

    • RCN Media

      use the browser option instead. Open on browser not mega app

  12. Emmanuel Bassey

    A generation of spiritual heritage,
    I thank almighty God that is has not left me out,
    He has chosen me to be among.

  13. kingsley

    this is a ground where golden pearls are hidden (i speak in parables)

    i know i shall see u soon face to face sir. very soon.

    God bless you, apostle Arome.

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