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  1. Jude Nicholas

    Please have not seen the young minister conference massage

  2. Abidemi Adetulubo

    Thanks sir for constantly feeding us with the word of God. Sir there are no access to recent sermons sir and downloading directly from the YouTube page is consuming much data sir. I will personally appreciate it more sir if there will be a way we can download sermons at ease.

    God bless sir

  3. Ayobami Adewale

    Good day, sir/Ma
    My story is a long one.. But would cut it short.
    I am someone who loves God but struggle with fornication.
    It got to a point av giving up.. And I decided to go deep in the world… But some voice in me.. Doesn’t want to let me go… It’s always telling me to go to God.
    At a point I was told I had the spirit of Moses and I was given the message of mercy.. I don’t understand this…
    But truth is I desire to know God… I desire to have an intimacy… But whenever I try to…. It’s just a matter of days before I turn back..am married with a kid… But I think I need God

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