January 2015- The Light is Come

  1. The Unveiling (Characteristics of the Prophetic Operation)
  2. Ordinations (What Defines a Nation)
  3. I Knew You
  4. Measured (Ignite the Oil)
  5. Protocols Of Approach – (Pst. Gideon Odoma)

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20 thoughts on “January 2015- The Light is Come

  1. I really enjoy the sermons and i was plessed. God bless the ministers of RCN. Idk if i can throw a suggestion, please can’t video also be uploaded for downloads? I’ll appreciate it, thanks!

    1. if you find it difficult to download its because of the type of browser you are using. for easy download get idm installed on your system and use firefox. all it will then take is one click and the file is yours. if you don’t understand how to go about it you can contact me through my email i will give you a detailed guideline on what to do.

  2. I want to special thank God for my boss, mentor, instructor and teacher.. am following all your tapes which I got from hungry friends and now I can’t have enough… I wish am close enough to sit under your tutelage.. though your ways of accessing the truth of Gods word seems hard other than what I have been thought. but it’s working am now having little experiences in the secret… may God bless you sa

  3. i can’t download using wifi network, pls admin respond to this, here is the pop up when i try to download……….. ERROR: Forbidden

    While trying to retrieve the URL http://rcnsermons.org/download/01%20The%20Unveiling%20(Characteristics%20of%20The%20Prophetic%20Operation)%20-%20(Apst.%20Arome%20Osayi)%20-%20Thu,%2022nd%20Jan.%202015.mp3:

    Access Denied

    Your cache administrator is webmaster.
    Generated Mon, 11 May 2015 04:05:51 GMT by (Mikrotik HttpProxy)

  4. God bless this ministry 4 this great work, but, i personally,can’t dload any1 from here using wireless (wifi) network, but i want to suggest that the admin should permit wifi, pls.

  5. I have been richly blessed by this ministry, indeed my spiritual life has been positively transformed, I pray the fire of God never leave the alter of RCN. however, I dont know if there are more recent sermons than January 2015, I have not seen any. thanks

  6. This man has brought the word very close to this generation. His dept is awesome. You are indeed sent to restore the church to its original glory. More grace sir.

  7. Just wish to resubmit due to a typo…Thank you this is superb the memory of one of the best days of my life! An Ri Liam agus an Cunant Uladh Abu!!King William and the Ulster forever!,

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