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Lately, the Lord has intensified the burden for the nations in our hearts. He has opened many doors of ministry to us across many platforms. This means our outreach capacity has to be enlarged. To do this, ample liquidity is needed.
Our sermons from 2007-2016 have been available for free and will remain so.
The Lord has used these spoken materials to bless His body and for that we are thankful. However, we need resources to expand beyond this point.
We have decided to make the sermons from 2017 forward available for a paid subscription of N5000 per annum to meet up with the administrative, logistical and financial demands of both running and expanding our outreach capacity. For the record, we are not selling these messages for profit of any sort. We understand the Lord is our reward. Our profit is only in executing His will with no expense spared.

We do not manipulate, strong-arm and/or pressure people to give to us. We only encourage responsible participation and partnership in the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ so that those who are blessed spiritually can respond with their God-given resources for furtherance of the gospel. The gospel must be funded to succeed. The Lord remains our source.

Thank you so much for your partnership in the gospel.
Your brother,

Arome Osayi.

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20 thoughts on “Get our latest sermons here

  1. It is evident that RCN is moving in the divine direction of the Almighty God, his faithfulness and Grace is visible. Thank you for allowing God to use you to influencing positively our generation.

  2. After subscribing I couldn’t download. It kept writing “download failed due to uncertain error”. Admin please see to this.
    God bless you guys for the awesome work.

  3. Firstly, I like to appreciate the Lord for such a colossus like Apst. Arome Osayi, he’s blessed me in many ways through his unique preaching.

    But I really don’t subscribe to this new initiative, personally I must say this, one of the major reasons why the name of Apst. Arome is widely known among the youths in the west is because your messages are delivered to them freely. Now that a fee has been attached to it, definitely, many won’t be able to meet up.

    While I understand the point of view our brother (the set-man of this Network) is coming from, I don’t think this is the best way to execute it. Since it’s a mandate from God, alas, He knows how to stir people’s heart unto giving.

    For example, I heard your message, and I’ve been greatly blessed, one day, I may be stirred to sow into your ministry, even without you ever knowing me. And such case can repeat itself in many people like me. So the demand on ground can be met.

    I say this because, we have seen many ministries do the same – attaching fee to messages, and we don’t like it, but RCN has started on a UNIQUE note (and Apst. Arome as a rising valiant, who will hope to be one of those that will bring to order many things our great christian leaders might have left undone or unbalanced – what Jehu and Hazael couldn’t finish, hoping he will help bring some things to order), but that uniqueness is tending towards the ways of some of our passing away christian leaders. Hence, personally, I don’t buy this idea.

    Freely you have received, freely give… You have started well, please continue well.

    Continue giving it out free, the Lord who has brought RCN to this level without our input, can’t he do even more without this levy on the people downloading of your messages.

    Apst. himself preached a powerful sermon on the doctrine of Balaam.

    I know there is a demand, but this isn’t the best means to satisfy that demand.

  4. God that has faithfully been providing can keep on providing to further the gospel work. Placing a price tag on sermons on this platform isn’t the best move as it will stop many from been blessed. Other alternatives should be considered. There should be platforms opened for free donations to the ministry.

  5. Sir,
    Thanks for blessing me thus far at no cost. I honor and value you. Though, I wish I could have access to your messages as freely as before but I understand the fact that without money, missions can be effectively done. I honor and celebrate your labor and therefore celebrate this great idea.
    To my other brothers, I feel subscription is a better option to paying per message. This is a worthy course and lovely idea.

  6. I guess I was expecting this since the messages stopped coming. TRUST me it’s a wonderful idea and I’m fine with it. But I will have to ask a question with hope that an answer be preferred. The messages to be hosted are they going to be the usual 27 mins messages? Cause they just get one so hungry and leaves you begging for more. It’s not always a complete diet and not fair… Thanks though. Let’s go ask the great Monarch of Heaven for some cash then…

  7. God bless and increase the ministry greatly sir…we do appreaciate your contribution to molding the destiny of the body of christ in this time sir…my life as an individual body has been largely influence by the messages sir..pray for more grace sir

  8. Apostle Arome Osayi has been a great blessing to this generation and to me personally especially during my Nysc days,listening to your messages(Those were days of Glory for me)….Sir, selling your messages may not be the best option sir….God is the one opening doors for greater influence for the ministry so I believe God can stir people’s heart to partner financially with the ministry or even provide supernaturally..Please sir, don’t let your Spiritual authority to impact lives be diminished because of financial needs sir..God will provide..Remember “Faithful is he that calleth you,who will also do it”…1Thess 5:24…GOD BLESS RCN AND GOD BLESS APOSTLE AROME OSAYI

    1. Sir/Ma,

      The publication is clear enough, the messages are not forsale. The N5,000 yearly subscription is to enable the site service run efficiently. Hosting the site and maintaining same is not free , it’s done at a cost. We buy tapes, books,etc at a cost. Most of the time it’s not for gain. Do you think these messages here can be purchased at N5,000? These are eternal words and instructions, they’re simply priceless. These are counsels issued from Christ, no man can quantify them, and place a price tag on them.

      I will suggest that some of us blessed by the Lord can help our Brethren you can’t afford this for now, to pay for them, and have them feast on these messages. In doing this, we would have helped this platform running. God bless you.

  9. Thank you sir for the impart, youve made in my Life and the life of many others. This is a wonderful initiative. These messages are not for sale please. If Papa has ministered to us eternal things, its not a crime to be a partner, or to minister with our own earthly things, so we can be fellow helpers of the truth.

    Our gospel is not cheap!

    Thank you sir. RCN has blessed be countlessly

  10. God bless Aposle Arome Osayi, God bless RCN and God bless us all.

    As a young minister, I have come to realize that asking questions is different from questioning things.

    The difference I must say is this:
    You ask questions whenever you are at the standpoint of a learner, and you question things when you are in the shoes of a teacher.

    Without looking back, I say Apostle is from and Of God and as such he surely has consulted God before this development. I reference that with my support. we all should do same.

    God bless Aposle Arome Osayi, God bless RCN and God bless us all.

  11. I am so much grateful to GOD ALMIGHTY for Apostle Arome Osayi. He has exposed to me to light in time. You are a blessing to this generation.

    I just came to discover that above all it is GOD and Him alone no option to serve the devil in my life.


  12. Nice Idea, Thank you. Sir, We love this ministry and thank God for Apst. Arome Osayi and all the Ministers we listen to.

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