Foundations (5 Sermons)

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3 thoughts on “Foundations (5 Sermons)

  1. Thank God for the day; you were born onto us………
    my redemption has been ignited and i pray it burns till eternity. thanks for your wonderful teaching..
    your teachings are pragmatic in my day to day leaving.. God bless and keep you……. Sir….

  2. I know words often times are too insufficient to capture divine reality….and I daresay the impact of your teaching on my live and family is of eternal value which words can neither quantify nor give full expression to. May your light continue to shine brighter and brighter till the perfect day (Amen). THANK YOU sir for giving yourself to the Lord

  3. Nel pomeriggio ho ricevuto il pacchetto, letto attentamente le brochures e poi, ho deciso di fare un’approfondita pulizia del viso per poter giudicare meglio l’efficacia del siero; questo è il primo step.

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