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Subscribe to the RCN Partnership portal and get realtime access to all our sermons. Our most recent sermons can be found here. click the subscribe button or link below to subscribe and access the secure portal. IMPORTANT NOTICE Hello, Lately, the Lord has intensified the burden for the nations in our hearts. He has opened […]

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The righteous Nation The place of encounter- Rev Gideon Odoma Prayer and pragmatic appraoch to Battles- Aps Gideon Odoma The man and the realms Transactions of the unseen realm Persistent Prayer Gospel of the Kingdom of God The prayer work of the Church- Aps Gideon Odoma Q & A on intersession Building spiritual capacity What […]

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The Cross and Kingdom People This Jesus…The Pattern The Fire of Prayer The El-shadai The Discerning Of Spirit (Discernment Of Witchcraft) Strategy of the Spirit Staying Power, in Prayer Stature with God Spiritual Clinic Spiritual Authority-The Power of Corporate Life Wed Spirit Reality Principles A Kingless Existence Love not the world Laying Aside Weights Genealogy […]