G – H – I

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RCN sermons starting with G, H or I

Gaining Mastery

Gathered Under His Authority

Genealogy And Spirit Of The Family

Gilgal a place of circumcision

Glory Garment

God is Spirit

God territorial messengers

God’s Building

God’s Communication Mode

God’s Kingdom People

God’s Liberty

Good warfare

Gospel of the Kingdom of God

Governmental Aspect of Prayer

Grace of Enthronement

Growing Into Sonship

Growth Orientation 2

Growth Orientation 3

Growth Orientation 4

Having Power with God

Headship in marriage

Heart Check

Heir To Spiritual Genealogy 

Hidden Economy

Hidden Wisdom

Hot Debate Topics

How To Judge Prophecies

How to Rest Spiritually

How To Rest Spiritually

I Knew You

I Knew You

Identity for Relevance

Impartation Service(School of Ministry Graduates)

In Due Season

In Due Season

Intercession for Nigeria

Intercession for Nigeria (By The Blood of the Lamb)

Interfacing with the office of Christ

Investment of God

It is given unto you to understand 1

It is given unto you to understand 2

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  1. OluwaFeranmi O. Falade

    Some messages were repeated twice…
    Also this arrangement of ABC, will affect the message chronologically as it was presented.
    Because Apostle do teach in series.

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