2016 Sermons

  1. The righteous Nation
  2. The place of encounter- Rev Gideon Odoma
  3. Prayer and pragmatic appraoch to Battles- Aps Gideon Odoma
  4. The man and the realms
  5. Transactions of the unseen realm
  6. Persistent Prayer
  7. Gospel of the Kingdom of God
  8. The prayer work of the Church- Aps Gideon Odoma
  9. Q & A on intersession
  10. Building spiritual capacity
  11. What God is looking in the Church( an ordination service)
  12. Apostolic grace
  13. Engaging the prayer ministry
  14. The posture of a believer

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23 thoughts on “2016 Sermons

  1. Pls. It is my humble plea that recent messages like DaP, etc that are on the audio stream of this site should be droped here(2016 sermons) for a lot of people can’t access the streamglobe or mixtr. Thank you

  2. Please the 2016 sermons are not complete. What about acurate apostolic community, the teaching priest and others. Please i need them back cause i lost my phone. May you live for ever at apostle arome

  3. How christians have lost genuine Gospel of the Kingdom of God to worldly sermons! Remain blessed for these messages from the Holy Spirit.

  4. Pls, could we get a copy of the messages from the ministration of Apostle Arome and Bro Gideon at the NCCF national conference?

  5. pls i need a copy of the sermon “the man and the realms” the one here keeps giving me 10minutes file. thanks and More Grace

  6. Daddy, Apostle Arome, God increase you more and more in him Amen! I am blessed always hearing God’s word as plainly explained by you. Thank you sir.

  7. Pls I have been searching and still searching for apostle message titled *staying in power*…the one he preached at the lokoja conference …Also please we need more of the recent teachings of this year and even last year
    More Grace Rcn

  8. I’ve been so blessed through this ministry.
    I just heard about “KINGDOM MATTERS” from someone. please, when is next year’s edition holding?

  9. Words are in adequate in this sense for me to explain the spiritual progress I have developed or got to just within a month and some weeks by following your teachings.blessed from uniben ,I love u Sir

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